Mrs. Brehm

*Outdoor shed for playground equipment

*Sand and water tables

*Construction toys


*Buckets, Shovels

*Pots and Pans for Music Wall on Playground (in decent shape, but not new)

Mrs. Salow

*Dolls, doll clothes, doll accessories (can be new or used, in good condition)

*Dress-up clothes

*Play Dough

*Child-size snow shovels and rakes

*Full-size broom

*Cards/envelopes/pads of paper for writing center (can be a random assortment, don’t have to be new)

*Sensory table ( )

*Gift cards (Scholastic, Target, Walmart)


Mrs. Heims

*Lego toys

*Play food

Mrs. Merritt

Extra snacks
A "safe" room house plant

Second Grade

Mrs. Trumm

*BINGO dotters

*glitter markers

*play-doh cutters

*unifix cubes


*black BIG JOE Chair

*Level 1 and 2 Reading books for our classroom library

*indoor recess games: Old Maid Cards, Trouble, etc.

Mrs. Knepper

*Pack of different colors of Expo markers

*books for classroom library

*gift cards for Scholastic, Target or Walmart

*sets of watercolor paints, kids’ paint trays ( Amazon)

*glitter markers, Mr. Sketch markers

*Dreambuilder magnetic blocks:


Third grade

Mr. Menke

*Books for classroom library

*document camera

*Weighted Blanket

*Exercise balls

*Curved PVC pipe for "read to self"

*board games for inside recess

Mrs. Vander Lugt

*Epson Printer Ink #78 cartridges in the following colors

Magenta, Light Magenta, Cyan, Light Cyan, Yellow


*Small stickers for reward charts (½ inch)

Fourth grade

Mrs. Decker

*HP 63 black and HP 63 color ink

*Staples gift card

*Bouncy Bands for Elementary School Chairs


Mrs. Lensen


*a quiet standing oscillating fan

*water color paper to be used in art

*4 or 5 plastic storage containers with lids--sterilite or rubbermaid....clear or colored-- around 18 gallons to hold my science kits

Fifth grade

Mrs. O'Brien

*Breakout EDU Kit - $125.00

The Breakout EDU kit allows for the facilitation of games where players use teamwork and critical thinking to solve a series of challenging puzzles in order to open the locked box.

*ETA hand2mind Interlocking Pop Cubes, Set of 100 - $12.95

*Learning Resources Hands-On Soft Dot Dice Bucket - $24.48

Novels: The Girl Who Drank the Moon, Freedom Over Me, Wolf Hollow, The Inquisitor’s Tale: Or, The Three Magical Children and Their Holy Dog

Mrs. Manternach

*Globe for Social Studies

*Books for Classroom Library

*Decks of cards for indoor recess

*Games for indoor recess

- Mancala

- Spot It
- Battleship
- Uno

Sixth Grade

Mrs. Lansing

Mrs. Hemmer

*1-6 Microscopes:

Middle School

Ms. Valenti

Mrs. Ostwinkle


Mrs. Ellis

*Joia Tube Orff Alto Diatonic Tube Set $231.20

*Joia Tube Paddle Mallets, Pair $32.00

*Rise Up & Sing, Third Edition: Featuring more than 330 songs specifically chosen for the young voices of children is a valuable resource for any community that serves the smallest of God's children. $9.00 each (one for each student at church and 30 copies for the classroom)

*Rise Up & Sing 3rd Ed. Accompaniment Book [Keyboard / Guitar Accompaniment] $90 each

*Musical dice

*Set of Boomwhackers ($20)

Physical Education

Mr. Hollett

*Dozen nerf balls

*Lacrosse sticks

Technology and Library

Mrs. Willenborg/Mrs. Stoll

*STEM Gold Kit

*EV3 Robot kits (2 or more)

*7" Kindle Fires for the library


*Donation for Preschool chairs in the lunchroom


Mrs. Hoeger & Mrs. Roberts

6 wiggle seats

2 wobble seats

chair bands (2 classroom sets)

*Updated 10-24-2018

There are various ways you can donate to Aquin.

We currently have a Schwans Fundraiser going on.

Send milk caps and box tops to school with your child.

Send pop can tabs.

Talk to the office staff about other ways to donate.